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- Your Assistance and Support Team in the Business World
Turnkey solutions for any business type on any stage of Your business life.

We can recruit or train workforce, structure the business and bring investments – Your business is ready “to go”.

We accompany and administer any of Your projects, supplementing or replacing Your workforce with the resources of our Team.

We implement Your business ideas!
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Who we are?

Professional experience for over 21 years

* SECOURS - from Fr. Secours - military. old. help, support.
«Great, if we sit out, or secours will arrive in time; but what if villains will take the fortress?»
A.S. Pushkin
«The Captain's Daughter" chapter 6 “Pugachevschina»

We are greatly experienced team of professionals who have been working together for over 15 years, including experienced managers, accountants, economists, highly educated engineers, and customs management experts.

Full list of our services

Our services

We are unique in our ability to maintain the business through the periods of stagnation towards its full restoration without losing its versatility.

  • We provide legal support as required;
  • ‌We help to scale down the business to the required functioning minimum without losing customers and sales;
  • We conduct business analysis;
  • We provide help with the restructuring your business and structuring the new ones;
  • We align business processes;
  • We leverage professional competence of your stuff;
  • We set control points for business management;
  • Improving business performance.
  • «Everyone knows how to work with money, but try without it».

  • Business consultation;
  • Business trainings;
  • Тeam building;
  • Business function algorithms;
  • Decision making algorithm;
  • Trouble management;
  • Training of personnel;
  • Recruiting personnel;
  • Business revolution in the company;
  • Accounting management (Non-MBA technologies).
  • «If you know who and what to sell to, we will do the rest».

  • We carry out ‘build-in’ sales;
  • We work with foreign suppliers;
  • We render support international transactions;
  • Domestic and global foreign trade and logistics;
  • Complete supply chain "door to door" - full support, including:

    1. Legal support
    2. Accounting support
    3. Law enforcement support
    4. Assistance in negotiations.

  • ‌15 years of positive experience in show business service.

  • ‌Experience in transportation and presentation at the yachts show;
  • ‌Business programs for non-commercial organizations;
  • Personal assistants training;
  • ‌Technical support for startups.
  • We grow Your business and release it into open waters ready to sail.

  • Corporate psychology;
  • Bookkeeping;
  • ‌Corporate image;
  • Public image improvement.
  • If you have 1-3 contracts per year we provide you with complete Back office support without accounting costs or running light.
    You pay us a percentage of your successful.
    No sales – no costs.

    We guarantee you

    The Secours Team guarantees

    Live communication with people - no computer and standardized answers to any questions posed.

    The solution for each question is unique. We adapt to any situation.

    There are no unresolved issues, there are unformulated issues.

    At each stage, we will offer you a choice: to implement the program of your own or to attract additional resources of the Secours Team.

    Complete confidentiality of the information provided to us – we do not trade in your names, reviews and your success!


    Ready-made complex offers of the Secours Team

    In addition to solving any task set by the client, we, Secours Team, offer a set of ready-made integrated solutions for business in which we have invested all our 21 years of experience, competencies and expertise.


    • Describe your dream;
    • How do you see your role in your new business;
    • Let us know what type of goods or services you plan the client to buy from you.
    • Startup diagnostics – is to establish whether your dream or an idea is workable and has a potential to develop into a profitable business.
    Cost: FREE

    Deadline – 1 business day.


    • Will draw up a detailed action plan for one month to get you ready to sail in the open waters.
    Cost: 1 000 RUB

    Deadline – 1 business day.


    • Business concept, answers to traditional questions:
      • What needs to be done first?
      • What can be postponed until later?
      • How to plan your time?
      • How to plan your efforts?
      • How to choose a legal address?
      • How to choose an office?
      • How to open a bank account and in which bank?
      • Where to look for employees?
      • How to choose a taxation system?
      • Who are my clients?
      • How to build a relationship with them?
      • As well as many other pressing issues.
      • How to be get busy developing your own dream business instead of doing all described above?!
    • We draw up an action plan for 3-6 months to get your great voyage going.
    Cost: 10 000 RUB

    Deadline – 3 business days.


      • Business analysis of an existing business or startup at any stage of its development;
      • Roadmap of your business - how to make it more efficient, using your existing resources;
      • We will engage with you and your employees in your own office to work out methods for optimizing existing business processes, suggest decision-making algorithms and set control points;
      • We will draw up a plan of concrete actions to resolve issues of your concern;
      • Offer effective management options to free up your time for the further development of your business or a personal life;
      • Includes 2 trips to the office for 3 hours each plus one meeting to summarize.
    Cost: 50 000 RUB

    The deadline – 10 business days.

    At each stage of your business’s life, we will offer you a complete list of proposals enabling you to quickly develop, stabilize and increase the efficiency of your dream business. We will also offer a range of proposals of specific ready-made business solutions that would save you time and effort and allow you to focus on your preferred part of the business.


      • Projects management;
      • Analysis of the planned loans, finding new investors;
      • Relations with existing or future business partners;
      • Risk analysis taking into account the rapidly changing Russian business and taxation laws;
      • Any necessary support and solution to the "burning" issues;
      • Individual consultations on business and team management issues;

    Wish to do what you are interested in without wasting your time on “educating employees and building up the team” as well as performing administrative functions of the back office – Secours Team is always there for you.

    Cost: FROM 100 000 RUB

    * 30 calendar days from the date of payment

    Wish to do what you are interested in without wasting your time on “educating employees and building up the team” as well as performing administrative functions of the back office – Secours Team is always there for you.

    Cancellation and refund Payment methods


    Address: 125502 Moscow, Petrozavodskaya street 17 bld. 2 office 222




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