Key aspects

Secours Team is your gate to Russian market

  • support

    • International relations and business cooperation;
    • Client support at any stage of the project;
    • Adaptive support, problem solving, stress management;
    • New normal or the great reset for your business;
    • Fundamental confidentiality of the information provided to us;

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    Raisa Donskaya

    Secours Team founder
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  • autorenew

    The great reset for your business

    • Assessment of an existing business at any stage of development, including startups;
    • Roadmap – steps to implement new resources and workforce efficiency policy;
    • Recalibration of business strategic goals and current workflow algorithms;
    • Pivot to managing by outcomes instead of managing by processes;
    • Improving team efficiency by redesigning tasks and functions of management and employees;
    • The Agile Office transformation to enable better performance;
    • WFH options – steps to effective remote working;
    • Performance evaluation system;
    • Management strategies: rebalancing responsibilities within the company;
    • Performance management: new targets thanks to effectiveness and flexibility of the management.

  • language

    International relations and business cooperation

    • Working with foreign partners online and offline;
    • Mutual understanding – national characteristics of perception and information presentation;
    • Formulation and implementation of multi-stage complex negotiations;
    • Planning and preparations for travel and local negotiations;
    • Roles distribution in negotiations, team negotiations;
    • Developing a line of behaviour and clear communication patterns.

  • vpn_key

    Secours Team is your gate to Russian market

    • Drawing up import contracts according to local Russian regulations;
    • Risk assessment taking into account the rapidly changing Russian business and taxation laws;
    • Full assessment and professional support of any trade relations with Russian partners;
    • Support your local distribution network by designing workflow to be transparent and legal;
    • Open local representative office by being your guide through all necessary local formalities

SECOURS — from Fr. Secours — military. old. help, support

«“Great, if we sit out, or secours will arrive in time; but what if villains will take the fortress?”»

©️ A.S. Pushkin "The Captain's Daughter" chapter 6 “Pugachevschina”